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Joseph Mason

Making a Difference

I’m a lifelong resident of South Sarasota County.
I thrive here.
I support my local schools and businesses.
Not by mere sentiment.
Nor offering thoughts and prayers.
I mean I’m there physically.
No second thoughts.
No caveats.
I’m Johnny on the spot when my community needs me.

Today more than ever, we need each other.


Sarasota County needs new leadership

September 12, 2019

Sarasota County has grown out of control! Everything from construction, infrastructure, water quality and budgets have escaped what the county should be all about! I will govern this county with my core conservative beliefs "Smaller Government and Reduce Taxes".


Issues & Political Concerns

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Scubadiving Trips

Water Quality

This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed, and heavily discussed among politicians, lobbyists, and congressmen alike. Joseph Mason is pushing for change, and is doing everything they can to see a brighter future. Learn more and join the cause today.


Bringing in jobs that are providing a living wage can bring work stability and a strong year round tax base that will benefit everyone.

Working Together

Issues & Political Concerns

Explore a Greater Change

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Roads and Infrastructure

Our county has grown much faster than road development has kept up with. The past and current commission has managed to existing day standards. What needs to be done is future vision! What is coming and how can we handle future growth!


We have had so many residents purchase new homes in the county but our taxes have not gone down. We have a $0.01 sales tax and yet things remain status-quo. It's time we look at what is going on, what can be cut out and how can we lower property taxes. Without a fresh set of eyes, we will remain status-quo!

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